One Screen, All Apps

Stack is an internet launchpad for multitaskers. There are more than 10k stackers around the world! Join them and enjoy working with multiple web-apps simultaneously, within a well-organized environment.

It's free


Open unlimited number of apps, enjoy the unique split screen view and quadruple your work efficiency.

Be Organized

Categorize and Stack your apps, organize your work-&-fun-space and break free from stone-age tabs

Stay up to date

Unify notifications from all your favorite apps and never miss what matters

Working with internet should be easy and fun!

Stack is the only internet launchpad on the market that can offer unlimited split screen view - a totally novel experience of working with multiple apps simultaneously. Ready to feel the immersiveness of Stack?

Stack'Em Up Like a Pro!

Stack Pro enhances your stacking experience
  • Have different spaces for home, work, or different projects
  • Know the power of the dark side (dark mode)
  • Stay up to date with Auto-refresher
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Ready for changes?

Stack exists with the user-first philosophy. We are constantly working on improvements, adding new features to boost your productivity and smashing the bugs on the way. If you like Stack, follow our social channels below and become the member of the Stack community. Be the first to receive the updates and test the coolest new features of Stack with us!

It's free forever and ever ♫